Chennai Corporation Commissioner Radhakrishnan who suddenly flew in a parachute

To create awareness among the public for 100% voter turnout in the Parliamentary elections, madras Electoral Officer Radhakrishnan Para Sailed created awareness. election Officer Radhakrishnan who did Para Sailing to create awareness about voting

Voter awareness

The parliamentary election campaign has reached its final stage. The election commission has already started the work for registration of votes. It is carrying out the work of arranging security at the polling center, repairing the EVM machines, printing symbols for the candidates, and putting them in the voting machines. At the same time, the necessity of voter registration is also highlighted. But the voter turnout is only 60 to 70 percent in every election. So this time election commission is campaigning towards the goal of 100% voter turnout.

Radhakrishnan at the awareness program

Conducting pledge and awareness programs for honest and 100% voter registration at various places across tamil Nadu. In this situation, a Para Sailing awareness program was held at Thiruvanmiyur beach emphasizing the need for 100% voting in the elections. chennai Municipal Corporation Commissioner and chennai District election Officer Radhakrishnan, who conducted parasailing, said that parasailing was done to create awareness among people regarding 100% voting. He said that in 35 polling booths in chennai, 40% fewer votes have been recorded and steps have been taken to increase it.

What is the reason for low voter turnout?

He said that low turnout was reported in slum areas and apartment blocks, and 40% less voter turnout was reported in Thiagarayanagar, Pandi Bazar, etc. Voter registration in that area has decreased due to people going to work elsewhere. He said that steps have been taken to increase voter registration in the areas where the government employees live and the voter turnout is low.

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