Tamil Nadu bjp complained about the May 17 movement. What is happening in Coimbatore?

The tamil Nadu bjp has demanded that IAS officers from other states should be appointed as election in-charges for the coimbatore parliamentary constituency.

Tamil Nadu bjp Spokesperson ANS prasad said in a statement, "The victory of tamil Nadu bjp President annamalai who is contesting in coimbatore is certain. DMK has dared to do anything to prevent the victory of Annamalai.

Since the state government is in hand, the DMK is involved in the abuse of power with the help of officials including the district Collector and district Superintendent of Police. They have registered a case against annamalai, who had finished his campaign by 10 pm and came in a vehicle, for deliberately campaigning past 10 pm.

This is highly condemnable. Apart from that, they are creating problems by sending their minions like the May 17 movement and arguing against the BJP. The DMK has come up with a grand conspiracy plan to arrest bjp officials before the vote registration. annamalai cannot be brought down with the support of the people, so they are resorting to shortcuts.

The election commission should immediately transfer the officials who are acting like DMK executives. IAS officers from other states should be appointed as in-charges for the coimbatore constituency. people are watching everything. "The DMK will put an end to the atrocities in this election," it said.

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