Chandrababu: jagan who destroyed Amaravati…

National President of telugu desam party and former chief minister Nara chandrababu naidu said that amaravati was destroyed after jagan came to power. A public meeting was held at Prattipadu on Saturday. In this meeting, cm jagan expressed his anger against the ycp government. They were angry that they had played a three-piece game in the name of three capitals for five years. All of jagan Reddy's words are lies, everything he does is a lie. He said that these elections will be held one-sidedly.

He asked the candidates of the telugu Desam-BJP-Jana Sena alliance to win. We promise that your future will be assured. Despite spending crores... jagan complained that guntur Sabha was an utter flop. It is enough for jagan to leave. All the trees are being cut down on that road, they said. He said that jagan has become the cm to take sides against the people of AP. He said that he would bring back the former glory to this state.

He said that it is the CM's responsibility to bring light in people's lives. He said that he was the first politician who said that there should be IT in the country. He said that there is no situation for ycp to get a single seat in Godavari districts. He said that he wanted to build a ring road around Amaravati. It was explained that the ORR would come through Tenali, Hanuman Junction, and Sattenalapally. He said that after Jagan's government came in 2019, the value of land has decreased. He said that if amaravati is completed, lakhs of jobs will be available to the youth. Chandrababu made it clear that Amaravate is our capital.

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