KCR warns congress government over Dalith Bandhu scheme..!?

 KCR has warned that the telangana government is deceiving the beneficiaries by not giving Dalit Bandhu, and if they are not given Rs.10 lakh, they will take initiation at Ambedkar's statue. Former chief minister of telangana and BRS Chief kcr said that the congress party which came to power with fraudulent promises has completely failed to implement the promises. kcr warned the congress government that if they did not give the Dalit Bandhu they had brought with prestige, they would bring the beneficiaries and initiate Diksha near the Ambedkar statue near the Secretariat. He said that the congress government (Telangana Government) will bend its neck and release those funds. kcr, who participated in the BRS meeting organized in Chevella, opened fire on the congress government. He said that the United Nations has praised the schemes brought by the BRS government. kcr said that other states should also implement the schemes brought by them in their states and come here to observe and appreciate them.He said that the congress party promised 12 lakhs to Dalits before the elections and did not give it to even a single one. Now kcr was furious that the congress government had cheated the Dalits by not giving them even 10 lakhs. They demanded to give Dalit Bandhu to 1 lakh 30 thousand people who are proceeding under their government. kcr warned the congress government that if the Dalit Bandhu did not give them cash, they would bring the beneficiaries and take initiation near Ambedkar's statue.

The congress government thinks that they will vote for us even if they do not give free electricity, or bonuses to farmers. Self-criticism should be done before voting. Otherwise, no matter what we do, the congress party will get the impression that no one will say anything to us. people of telangana beware Tasmat. There must be a strong opposition for the government to fulfill its promises to you, so think and self-criticize before you vote. Ask the government to fulfill the promises given to you. The congress leader said that if your BCs have guts and BCs have manliness, then let Kasani Dnyaneshwar win. That's why kcr asked the intellectuals, students, and employees of the weaker sections here to win Kasani. A win is a turning point for BC's development, so they want to show Kasani a win. He said that BRS was born in Telangana. For the interests of Telangana. We did the movement and achieved the state. Struggles are not new to them. He will fight for the people of telangana as long as he lives. kcr said that if we give power for 10 years, we have saved people from all walks of life, but today if everything is disappearing before my eyes, I will feel very sad. telangana has flourished with your blessings in the movement and is called to be ready for another struggle if necessary. Dhima expressed confidence that if Kasani wins, he will fight for the people of Chevella as an mp and bring funds.

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