Andhra Pradesh cm jagan mohan reddy was stoned yesterday. While reaching Singh nagar as part of the bus trip campaign, some unidentified people attacked cm jagan with stones. The news is that the attack took place when cm jagan was greeting the people from the top of the bus. But it seems that the stone hit cm Jagan's eyebrow very fast. However, it was reported that the police suspected that someone had attacked with a cork ball.

It looks like cm jagan got a big injury above the left eye above the eyebrow after being hit by the stone. However, some tdp leaders also claim that it is not as true as it seems. To counterattack, some ycp activists are also sharing photos and videos on social media. Especially a video is going viral where jagan got hit by a stone while he was at the top of the bus.

But cm jagan would have lost his sight if he had been hit in the eye. A video of the stone path is also shared on social media. The police are also investigating the stone pelting matter. There are reports that some of the assailants have attacked cm jagan when there is no electricity. The CCTV cameras are also being examined at once. cm jagan is continuing his bus trip even after getting injured. Doctors also revealed that there is a possibility of stitches near the eye.

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