The recent stone attack on andhra pradesh Chief minister YS jagan has stirred up significant controversy and garnered widespread condemnation from various quarters. The incident occurred during Jagan's bus trip in Vijayawada, resulting in injuries to his upper left eye and forehead. While ycp leaders have denounced the attack as cowardly, tdp has been vocal in its criticism against ycp, with chandrababu naidu strongly condemning the incident.

Despite widespread condemnation, Jana Sena leader pawan kalyan has remained conspicuously silent on the matter, sparking speculation and commentary among netizens. Many anticipated a response from Pawan Kalyan, either directly or through social media channels, but his silence has raised questions about his stance and message regarding the attack. Some observers suggest that pawan kalyan may be hesitant to weigh in due to the potential for unforeseen repercussions, leading to discussions about his political strategy and the impact on Janasena's prospects.

The contrast in reactions to the attack on jagan compared to previous incidents involving Chandrababu Babu has become a topic of debate, highlighting the need for consistency and impartiality in political responses. Pawan Kalyan's perceived silence on such a significant incident has prompted calls for a reconsideration of his approach to political matters, particularly in maintaining a consistent stance on issues of public importance.

As discussions continue, the absence of a response from pawan kalyan underscores the complexities of political dynamics in andhra pradesh and the challenges faced by leaders in navigating sensitive situations while balancing strategic considerations and public perception.

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