Elections 2024: Sensational events in the state soon.

Election season is intensifying in andhra pradesh as the state's assembly and lok sabha elections draw near. The stone-pelting incident that occurred in vijayawada during cm Jagan's bus rally has gained widespread attention in the state. As the assembly and lok sabha elections are approaching in andhra pradesh, the election season is heating up. The incident of stone pelting in vijayawada when cm jagan was holding a bus rally has become a sensation across the state. However, some need to predict future events in the state. This post has gone viral on social media. However, a post made by a person named sridhar Reddy four days ago on social media platform X has now become interesting. He posted that there are chances of sensational events in the state in the next four days. It was predicted in advance that these would change the mood of the elections. It is noteworthy that the incident of the stone attack on cm jagan took place in this sequence.

Meanwhile, a commotion broke out in the bus trip being undertaken by cm YS Jagan. On saturday night, bystanders threw stones at him. An unidentified person threw a stone along with the flowers. As a result, the left eye was slightly injured. After the treatment, jagan continued the bus trip.

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