We don't sleep until we pack 29 paise; Udayanidhi campaign in support of Aunty Kanimozhi

Udhayanidhi Stalin's campaign in support of kanimozhi said that the artist's blessed candidate contests in every constituency in the parliamentary elections, but it is the artist who contests in Thoothukudi.

Since yesterday, Udayanidhi stalin has been campaigning in various parts of the Tuticorin district to support Tuticorin Parliamentary Constituency candidate Kanimozhi. Accordingly, Udhayanidhi, who campaigned in the Anna nagar area today, said that he has been campaigning continuously for the past 19 days. While campaigning in each constituency, I look at the candidate and say he is the artist's blessed candidate. But as far as Thoothukudi is concerned, the same cannot be said. Because standing in this block is the artist. So kanimozhi should be made to win by at least 6-lakh votes.

Kanimozhi, who won the Thoothukudi parliamentary constituency last time, has brought many schemes. Our chief minister has promised that the gas cylinder price will be Rs 500, the petrol price will be Rs 70 and the diesel price will be Rs 65 once the indian alliance wins. Because he is the son of an artist. He only says what he does. No one became the chief minister by falling. Similarly, he did not come to power by betraying anyone.

About 85 thousand crores will be allocated for the Tuticorin development project. We are not Edappadi Palaniswami who said he learned about the shooting on TV. The chief minister brought various schemes for women to uplift them.

In Thoothukudi district alone, around 3,000 female students have been given educational assistance of Rs. Our chief minister was the first in india to bring a breakfast program and it was well received. Welcoming and congratulating the prime minister of canada on the breakfast program brought by our chief minister, he is consulting to bring this program to canada as well.

The chief minister of tamil Nadu sent 10 ministers during the floods in Thoothukudi and Nellai districts last December. We left only after everyone returned to normal after providing necessary assistance from here. He witnessed the rain floods and provided relief aid. tamil Nadu chief minister allocated Rs 218 crore to repair bridges and embankments damaged by rain.

The central government brought the NEET examination. The then government here did not oppose it. Many students lost their lives due to this. The chief minister of tamil Nadu has come up with many schemes like women's rights fund, and people seeking medicine. We will not leave the central government and the AIADMK party unbeaten.

A name has now been given to the Union Government. 29 paise. The DMK won't sleep till they pack up that 29 paise and send it home to sleep. All 40 constituencies should be captured in tamil Nadu. In particular, kanimozhi Karunanidhi, who can contest in Thoothukudi, should be asked to win with a large margin of votes.

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