Janasena chief pawan kalyan reacted a little late about the attack on ap cm YS Jagan. ycp leaders are talking that if cm jagan is injured, the state will be injured. A person named amar Nath Goud in bapatla district was mercilessly poured petrol and set ablaze because a YSP worker told him not to molest his sister and Pawan asked if the state got hurt at that time?
If stones rain on Chandrababu, won't the state be injured? He made comments saying that. If 30,000 girls go missing in ap, won't it hurt? Pawan criticized it a bit harshly. Pawan hurled fire at jagan by saying that if a stone hits jagan, it will hurt the state. Pawan questioned whether it is possible to throw stones at a cm who has such security around you and then there are flags.
Do you attack yourself? Attacks on yourself? By saying this, Pawan severely criticized Jagan's government. Pawan said, how many times should we believe the story of Nanna Puli Bhake? Pawan stated that they have come as an alliance to save the state from evildoers like Jagan. He said that I will not use Muslims as a vote bank and I will stand by Muslims.
Pawan said that as soon as the alliance comes to power, there will be a discussion on CPS in the assembly. Pawan severely criticized jagan that the people will drive out the rulers like they drove out the rulers in egypt and Sri Lanka. But common people are of the opinion that Pawan's response is not correct. They say it is inappropriate for Pawan to make provocative comments. ycp leaders are on fire over Pawan Kalyan's criticism.

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