Drug Development Corporation; nirmala sitharaman is the new name of DMK

Union Finance minister nirmala sitharaman speaking in Avinasi said that they should vote for the bjp to drive out the DMK, which is selling drugs and alcohol for their selfish interests in tamil Nadu.

DMK is meaning of drugs Munnetra kazhagam said union minister nirmala sitharaman in Nilgiris

A discussion program was organized by the bjp on behalf of the women and self-help groups participating in the 100-day program in the Avinasi area under the Nilgiri parliamentary constituency in support of BJP's Nilgiri constituency candidate L. Murugan. Union Finance minister nirmala sitharaman was present. After discussing with women self-help groups and women who have benefited from the central government, he listed the welfare schemes implemented by the central government.

In addition, women who sell vegetables and small businesses get loans with reduced interest rates. How the state government treats women. They say that they will pay one thousand rupees to women and then act out a play to give one thousand rupees to eligible women. Modi will not do that kind of politics. In DMK they are being crushed in the name of empowering women. Modi will not do anything to insult women.

We can see how much the mayor is struggling in Chennai. His party members are taking action by pulling his saree. Have you been reprimanded for not doing it for at least one day? A lesson should be taught to those who think of family welfare, whether they sell alcohol, sell drugs, or make movies for their selfish interests.

We should vote for the national democratic alliance in the elections to be held on april 19 as we drive out the Drug Development Corporation. L. voted for the lotus symbol in the Nilgiri constituency. He said to make Murugan win and make your voice heard in Parliament. Vanathi Srinivasan, President of the National Women's Team and Member of Legislative Assembly, among others, participated in this program


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