Stone politics is running in AP. It is known that during Jagan's previous visit, jagan got a severe injury on his eye due to a stone attack. However, the political parties in ap have revealed their true nature after reacting to the incident of stone pelting. Instead of looking at the incident from a security point of view, they started looking at it entirely from a political point of view.

If there is concern in the tdp camp that the political mileage of Kompadisi jagan will increase due to this incident, the sympathy towards their party can be seen in the ranks of Dhima YSP. But what actually happened behind this stone attack.. Did the stone actually fall on Jagan.. Did something else come.. Was the stone thrown by hand.. Or.. Was any device like an air gun used.. Was this attack actually carried out by the opponents.. Or was it a plan for sympathy by the YCP? The debate about whether it was done went all over AP.

However.. Kodikatthi incident happened before the last election.. Referring to the stone attack before this election, the tdp leaders are saying that this is an attempted attack. However.. cm jagan often says a word in many meetings with the people.. He says that god above is what I believe in.. You are the one. Now this incident took place in the presence of Kanakadurga Ammavari.

Already the brand image of vijayawada city is fading gradually. Whatever is happening in vijayawada is turning into a war between certain social groups. Bejawada politics is turning into caste politics. And what actually happened in this incident.. who attacked.. who made drama, that mother will see everything. Let's hope that she will definitely shape the consequences of this incident that happened in her presence.

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