Kandukur assembly Constituency in the prakasam district holds a significant political position, historically dominated by the congress party. Despite its stronghold, the tdp has struggled to secure victories here, with only two wins in 1994 and 1999. The area's political landscape saw figures like Manugunta Mahidhar reddy leaving a lasting impact, winning multiple elections.

In the upcoming elections, the dynamics have shifted with new candidates from both tdp and ycp entering the fray. TDP's Inturi Nageswar Rao, a newcomer to the public arena, is contesting against YCP's Burra madhusudhan Yadav, the sitting mla of Kanigiri. Interestingly, ycp has fielded a bc candidate in a constituency predominantly dominated by kamma and reddy communities, aiming to sway bc voters.

However, discontent brews among locals due to the absence of Manugunta Mahidhar reddy, a prominent figure with strong support in both rural and urban areas. Mahidhar Reddy's absence from ycp programs signals a lack of cooperation with Burra madhusudhan Yadav, potentially impacting YCP's prospects.

On the other hand, TDP's Nageswar Rao enjoys support from influential figures like Potula Rama Rao and former mla Divi Sivaram. Despite facing competition from his brother, Inturi Rajesh, who may run as an independent after not receiving a tdp ticket, Nageswar Rao is striving to garner support and secure victory. Cooperation from Rajesh could significantly bolster TDP's chances in Kandukur.

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