Will Kandikunta enter the assembly for the second time..!?

- Tough equation for Kandikunta in kadiri beyond Lokesh.
- husband and wife dedicated to public service for 25 years.
- This is the reason for Chandrababu's faith despite losing three times..!

There is no background. One person has been leading the party single-handedly for more than 20 years regardless of victory or defeat in a constituency where there is a very difficult and complex equation. That is not an upper-caste person. Badugu is an ordinary leader from the weaker sections. Single-handedly leading the party for more than two decades in the most complex constituency of the party is not an ordinary thing. In addition to the leader, the leader's wife is also always there for the people whenever they need her. Even if Chandrababu wins or loses in such a place, if he trusts that leader and gives tickets consecutively, we can know the level of trust that the party leadership, Chandrababu, and lokesh have in that leader.
That leader is not the former mla of kadiri Constituency in the united Anantapur district, Kandikunta Venkataprasad, a prominent tdp leader. Kandikunta Venkataprasad belonged to a sub-caste of the handloom social class in BC. telugu desam party Anna: NTR, Chandrababu, Paritala ravi Anna is very crazy. In this order, before the 2004 elections, the telugu desam party flag was hoisted in the kadiri constituency. At the time of the 2004 elections, even though there was a wave of opposition against the party across the state, the former chief minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy, who had a lot of influence in the state as a congress leader, strengthened the party to the extent that the tdp would win the pulivendula constituency.
He contested as an independent in the 2004 elections and lost to the then congress Prabhanjana by a margin of only eight thousand votes. In that election, Kandikunta got 40,000 votes if he contested as an independent. Kandikunta Venkataprasad's name became famous in the joint Anantapur district. Does a normal person have this much stamina? Everyone was surprised. When the party was in the opposition, Kandikunta fought tirelessly every day for five years. That's why in the 2009 elections, Kandikunta won with a majority of 16 thousand votes and withstood both congress and Praja Rajyam. After that, Kandikunta lost two elections but Chandrababu did not lose faith in Kandikunta. And in this election, only one word is being heard from the people of Kadiri. Kandikunta prasad has done a lot for Arey kadiri along with minorities, BC, SC, ST, and ycp fans. And how will Kandikunta enter the assembly for the second time? That is now suspense.

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