Maratha Reservation: Manoj Jarange again gave this warning…

Maratha reservation activist Manoj Jarange Patil has once again given a big statement. He said, "If the issue of the maratha reservation is not resolved in the coming months, I will once again sit on a hunger strike from june 4." We have been misled by the state government. Mahayuti has not given us the maratha reservation. When maha Vikas Aghadi was in power, they did nothing for the maratha reservation.”

Will Manoj Jarang contest the lok sabha elections?

Speaking to reporters, the maratha activist launched a scathing attack on the current state government (Mahayuti alliance) as well as the previous maha Vikas Aghadi-led government in power. Criticizing the Mahayuti government, he said that they had betrayed the maratha community by postponing important decisions on reservation for seven months. Further, while answering a question about his plans to contest the upcoming elections, Patil clarified the position and said that he has decided to stay away from the lok sabha election contest. However, he said that if reservation is not provided to members of the maratha community by june 6, they can contest the maharashtra Assembly elections.

Manoj Jarange Patil said, "Our mothers and sisters are on the streets; I am not contesting any election, but our community will answer this government with its votes. We had given them seven months, but they did not do what they wanted. We wanted." Cases are still being registered against maratha workers. Let us tell you here, that a few days ago, maharashtra cm Eknath Shinde accepted Manoj Jarange's demands for the maratha reservation. cm Eknath Shinde has recently approved a 10 percent reservation for the maratha community.

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