Run away and beat, If elections are held within the BJP, they will defeat Annamalai.! gayatri Raghuram

Gayatri raghuram has criticized annamalai as only known for hooliganism and lying and said that if annamalai asks for votes, drive them away.

 Do not vote

With 4 days left for the parliamentary elections, the election campaign is gaining momentum. For this, political party leaders to star speakers are campaigning from street to street. In this situation, actress and AIADMK's star speaker gayathri Raghuraman campaigned in Kalivelampatti under Palladam assembly constituency in support of AIADMK candidate Singhai Ramachandran.

Speaking to the voters at that time, he said that please do not vote for the thieving DMK and the thieving BJP, because of the GST tax, not even 100 rupees will be in the hands of the public.Annamalai, who is contesting on behalf of the BJP, knows nothing but lying, extorting money from businessmen and extorting money, he said furiously, if annamalai comes to your town asking for votes, chase him away and beat him. He also said that annamalai will be defeated even if the elections are held within the BJP, and nobody likes him within the party. gayatri Raghuram also told the public that the central government has not brought any good programs to tamil Nadu and DMK which is currently in power has caused various hardships to the people of tamil Nadu such as an increase in electricity bill and property tax, so they should vote for AIADMK.

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