Fishing ban for 61 days from today..! The price of goat and chicken is enough to increase

Fishing has been banned for 61 days from today due to the breeding season of fish. After this, the price of meat like goat and chicken has increased.

 Fishing Prohibition Period

Fish production is affected due to continuous fishing in the deep sea. Due to this, fishermen are prohibited from fishing for 61 days in a year as it is the breeding season of fish from april to June. The ban will come into effect from today, april 15. Fishing by powerboats is prohibited especially on the east coast from Kanyakumari to Tiruvallur. In mayiladuthurai district, 1,000 boat fishermen from 27 villages including Phoombukar Tharangambadi Vanagiri Tirumullaivasal Palayaru, Chandra Badi Chinnangudi are prohibited from going to the sea to catch fish.

Order to return to shore

Subsequently, thousands of barges have been safely anchored in the harbor in various coastal districts of tamil Nadu. Further. Fishermen who stay ashore for 61 days are engaged in various tasks like repairing boats, mending nets, and painting. They are engaged in preparatory work for this. The district collector has ordered that the fishermen who went to catch fish in the sea should immediately return to the shore. Also due to the non-availability of fish due to the fishing ban period, the price of other meat like goat and chicken has increased.

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