Aranthangi nisha who started a new business on tamil New Year - Best wishes

Comedian Aranthangi Nisha, who became famous with the show Shalakpovu Yaaru, is starting a new business on tamil New Year. Aranthangi nisha became famous as a contestant on Vijay TV's Chalakoppova Yaru, where she made everyone laugh with her stand-up comedy. After that show, nisha participated in Vijay tv comedy shows and participated in the bigg boss show as well. nisha participated in the 4th season of Bigg Boss.

Aranthangi nisha was one of the most trolled Anbu gang that season. Aranthangi Nisha, who has been acting in small roles in cinema since bigg boss, has hosted shows like Mr. and Mrs. Chinnathrai. Aranthangi nisha has been doing her best to help poor people from time to time. No one can easily forget how he rushed to help during the recent floods in Chennai.

Although Aranthangi nisha is a good-hearted person who does such help, she is facing various criticisms on social media. Some people who saw him running to help in the chennai floods recently said that he was doing this for publicity. But Nisha, who was not deterred by all this, retorted that she would continue to help the people. At this stage. Aranthangi nisha is starting a new business today, tamil New Year's day. In that way, she has started a clothes shop called nisha Fashions near her house in Aranthangi. In this video, he has expressed his gratitude to my relations who have been with me for all my development and has asked me to support my new venture, nisha Fashion. nisha has also announced to sell online and offline. Congratulations on his new venture

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