OPS will be appointed as bjp President and TTV Dhinakaran as General Secretary soon - Jayakumar Action

Former minister Jayakumar attributed the defeat of the AIADMK in both the 2019 parliamentary and 2021 assembly elections to the bharatiya janata party and hoped that the minority vote would be fully available to the AIADMK as the bjp is not in alliance with them.

General civil law does not allow it

On the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar's 134th birth anniversary, AIADMK paid tributes to the statue of Dr. Ambedkar at Arcot Road, Chennai. Speaking to the media following this, former minister Jayakumar said that general civil law should not be implemented in india which has a diverse culture, and said that no one will accept a general civil law that affects diverse people.

Former minister Jayakumar categorically stated that we will not allow the General Civil Code in tamil Nadu. He criticized that the bjp, which was in power for 10 years, made various promises including providing employment opportunities to one crore people every year and bringing back the black money invested in foreign countries, but has not fulfilled anything in ten years, and they only open their eyes in the name of election manifesto during every election.

BJP is responsible for AIADMK's defeat

He said that Panneerselvam will act as the president of tamil Nadu bjp and DTV Dhinakaran as its general secretary in the future. Former minister Jayakumar has accused the bharatiya janata party (BJP) of defeating the AIADMK in both the 2019 and 2021 elections because the AIADMK was in alliance with the bjp in the recently concluded assembly elections. He said that AIADMK did not get minority votes in the last two elections because bjp was in alliance, and now that bjp is not in alliance with them, AIADMK will get minority votes completely.

  Who will the Brahmins vote for?

He said that the only competition between AIADMK and DMK in the upcoming parliamentary elections is that AIADMK is at the top position due to its influence among the people, while bjp is at the bottom and all the votes of the Brahmins who are against DMK in tamil Nadu will go to AIADMK. Responding to a question on whether Brahmins would not vote for the bharatiya janata party, former minister Jayakumar said that no Brahmin would waste votes by voting for a party that is at a lower position.

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