What promise did the Samajwadi party (SP) make?

SP has given more importance to issues like employment, women, Agniveer, farmers, and reservations. Guaranteed to make a law on farmers' MSP. It has been said that their agricultural loans will be waived. Farmers Commission will be formed. Landless and small farmers will get a pension of Rs 5000 every month.

SP has talked about giving 33 percent reservation to women in parliament and Assembly. women from Dalit, backward, and minority classes will be given participation in proportion to their numbers. If their government is formed, 33 percent reservation will be given in all government department jobs. A zero-tolerance policy will be adopted on crimes against women. women from families living below the poverty line will be given a pension of Rs 3000 every month. There is also talk of making 'Free girl Child Education' and 'Free education from KG to PG' schemes for girls.

If we come to power, the caste census will be completed in the entire country by the year 2025. Also, vacant posts in all government departments will be filled with immediate effect. National employment policy and mission employment policy will be established for all. Besides, SP has also promised to end the Agniveer scheme.

What is in RJD's manifesto?

Tejashwi Yadav released the manifesto of his party RJD on saturday (April 13). RJD has also given more emphasis on issues like employment, women, Agniveer, farmers, and reservations. The biggest promise is to provide one crore jobs across the country. From august 15, the work of filling 30 lakh vacant posts in government departments will be started. Also, 70 lakh new jobs will be created. It has been said to give Rs 1 lakh every year to poor women on Rakshabandhan. Also promised to bring MSP on 10 crops. If the Indi alliance comes to power, RJD will end the Agniveer scheme. The reservation limit will be increased on the lines of tamil Nadu. All the recommendations of the Mandal Commission will be implemented.

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