In recent times, whatever survey results have come out regarding andhra pradesh politics, those results are in favor of YCP. While some surveys reveal that ycp will get 120 to 130 seats, in a recent survey it has been revealed that ycp will win more than 150 seats. And actually people are completely in favor of YCP? The answer is no.
Analysts also say that whether the alliance wins or the ycp wins, unless it comes to 100 seats, don't expect more than that. Some districts are completely in favor of ycp while in some other districts there are voters in favor of the alliance. While rayalaseema constituencies are a plus for ycp, Godavari districts, joint krishna district and joint nellore district are in favor of the alliance.
The leaders of those parties believe that whichever party gets the upper hand in the rest of the districts, that party will be in power. If ycp surveys are to be believed, it seems that a huge shock is inevitable in the election results. It is noteworthy that jagan says that he cannot stop the victory in this election just by throwing a single stone, but there are also comments that there is no chance of getting votes with sympathy in every election.
Most of the voters of ap do not answer the question of which party they will vote for. Votes of such voters will be crucial in this election. Both alliance and ycp should be more careful in terms of poll management as compared to last election. There is a chance that the poll management will change the election results in at least 10 to 15 constituencies. Alliance and ycp have to work harder for victory.

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