The attempt to unite non-Kamma votes in andhra pradesh seems to have backfired in certain constituencies, as highlighted by Edam Balaji's situation in Paruchuru. This constituency, historically dominated by Kammas, saw a strategic move by jagan to allocate seats to non-Kamma candidates. However, this plan seems to have faced challenges, particularly in Paruchuru.

The incumbent mla Eluri sambasivarao, representing TDP, is a formidable candidate aiming for a third consecutive win. Despite facing tough competition in the previous election from Daggubati Venkateswara Rao, sambasivarao emerged victorious, showcasing his political strength in the constituency, where Kammas hold significant influence.

In an attempt to consolidate non-Kamma votes, the YSRCP fielded former mla Amanchi Krishnamohan from the Cheera community. However, Krishnamohan withdrew from the contest, citing personal reasons, leaving the YSRCP in a predicament.

Subsequently, Yedam balaji, an nri and a member of the balija (Kapu) caste, was nominated by the YSRCP to contest from Paruchuru. However, Balaji's lack of familiarity with the constituency's geography, prominent leaders, and political dynamics raises questions about his viability as a candidate.

The situation in Paruchuru exemplifies the challenges faced by Jagan's strategy to secure non-Kamma votes, especially in constituencies traditionally dominated by Kammas. The dilemma faced by balaji and the uncertainty surrounding the YSRCP's prospects in the upcoming elections underscore the complexities of electoral politics in Andhra Pradesh.

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