RJD candidate rohini Acharya's target on bjp manifesto…

RJD candidate from saran and Lalu Yadav's beloved daughter rohini Acharya has targeted the manifesto issued by BJP. rohini said that they (BJP) would have first fulfilled their old promise and then brought a new manifesto. He also said that bjp people are scared of the employment revolution that Tejashwi Yadav has brought.

'NDA people are scared'

RJD candidate from Saran, rohini Acharya is very active in the lok sabha elections, she is also continuously targeting the people of the ruling party. She continuously highlights the wrong policies and shortcomings of the nda government among the public and also tells how Tejashwi Yadav fulfilled his promise of providing jobs during the 17 months of the Grand Alliance government. In his statement given to a news agency, he said that nda people are scared of Tejashwi Yadav's employment revolution.

Claims of RJD candidate from saran seat

Let us tell you that rohini Acharya is an RJD candidate from the saran seat which is a stronghold of the BJP. She has contested against BJP's Rajiv Pratap Rudy. rohini claims that she is getting immense love from the public. His victory is certain, but if some surveys are to be believed, this time also rajiv pratap rudy will win from saran seat. However, it is difficult to guess what is in the minds of the people of saran and its decision will be taken only after the election results are declared.

It is noteworthy that rohini Acharya is the target of nda these days. bjp had also raised questions about giving a kidney to the father and said that she was taking people's sympathy through this. It should be investigated whether he has donated a kidney or not. On this, rohini replied that there is a bjp government at the Center and if nitish kumar has the courage in Bihar, then get an investigation done.

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