Iran-Israel Tension: Will israel destroy Iran's nuclear bases?

What will israel do now after the Iranian attacks, what will be its reaction? The eyes of the whole world are fixed on this. On april 13, when iran fired more than 300 killer drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles at israel, israel erupted with explosions. However, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) says that it shot down 99 percent of the missiles, which the US, Britain, France, and jordan helped. How israel will respond to this attack by iran remains to be seen because the country's politicians say that it will not be responded to immediately. Rather waiting for the right time. However, from the Israeli Army's joint drill with the US and cyprus and Benjamin Netanyahu's air base visits, it is estimated that it is preparing for revenge. Experts say that israel may target Iran's nuclear sites in revenge.

The Israeli army has conducted joint drill exercises with cyprus and America, which is being seen as retaliation for the Iranian attack. Israeli army correspondent Doron Kadosh said through an Israeli army radio that long-range attacks were practiced in the drill exercise.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also recently visited Tel Nof airbase, after which there are fears of retaliation. iran has a large stock of uranium, so its uranium plants have always been a matter of concern for Israel. Uranium is the most important material for making atomic bombs. The explosive chain reaction in the bomb is caused by uranium itself.

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