Will history repeat itself? Unity of the country is paramount…

Babasaheb said, "Will history repeat itself? This worries. The worry is that apart from our old enemies like caste and creed, in the future we will have political parties with diverse and opposing mindsets. Don't know whether the indian people will put the country above their vote, but it is certain that if these political parties put their vote above the country, then it is certain. Our freedom will be in danger for the second time and perhaps we will lose it forever. To avoid this situation, we will all have to stand up strongly.

Ambedkar understood the need to maintain independence more than achieve it. He knew that there was so much diversity in india, so many differences that he can dominate at any time. His concern was that indians should not be overpowered by their differences; the independence which was achieved with great difficulty should not be in danger.

The goal of equality in society is paramount

Baba Saheb fought against social inequality all his life. Inspired the deprived and exploited to study and become awakened. He had said, "At the social level we have a society in india based on the principle of inequality, which means development for some and degradation of others. Economically, we have a society where some people have There is a lot of wealth, while some people are forced to live in abject poverty. By adopting a democratic Constitution on 26 january 1950, india will justify the principle of one man-one vote and one vote-one value. How long can we continue to deny equality in social and economic life? We will only do so by endangering our political democracy. This contradiction has to be removed at the earliest possible time, otherwise, those who suffer from this inequality will destroy the structure of political democracy which this assembly (Constituent Assembly) has so painstakingly created."

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