What will be the impact of Iran-Israel tension on India?

The impact of the clash between iran and israel is going to be seen in india also. india has good relations with both countries. This is the reason why after Iran's attacks, india immediately issued a statement asking both sides to maintain peace. india said that we are concerned about the increasing hostility between the two countries. We urge iran and israel to immediately reduce tensions, exercise restraint, refrain from violence, and return to the path of diplomacy.

Around 10 thousand indian citizens live in iran, while their number in israel is around 18 thousand. But if a large-scale war breaks out here, it will cause big trouble for India. Millions of indian citizens live in gulf countries. The biggest challenge will be to take them all out in a war situation. A big concern of New delhi is that it has invested a lot in infrastructure in the gulf countries, which are under threat from war.

The focus of Delhi-Tehran relations over the past few years has been the development of the Chabahar port, located just 200 km from the China-funded Gwadar port in Pakistan. In case of war, it will be difficult for india to operate Chabahar Port. At the same time, the 'International North-South Transport Corridor' (INSTC) has once again come into discussion, which is the main trade route for India. Due to the war, trade through this route will be affected. Through INSTC, trade can be done with Central Asia and russia via Iran. This is a cheaper and more economical route than the Suez Canal route. Not only this, but due to war between these two countries, oil prices may increase. This will have a direct impact on india because it exports oil from Iran. The war will disrupt the supply of oil and increase prices. Due to this, inflation may increase in India.

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