Sarabjit Singh's daughter's reaction to the murder of Don Amir…

Underworld don Amir Sarfaraz was murdered by unknown assailants in Lahore, Pakistan. It was here that Amir Sarfaraz was the one who attacked the indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh in pakistan jail, due to which he died. The reaction of Sarabjit Singh's daughter Swapandeep Kaur to the murder of Amir Sarfaraz has come to light. He said that one gets the fruits of one's deeds here only, this is the result of one's deeds only. Along with this, I feel that this is a big conspiracy of the government of Pakistan.

Swapandeep Kaur further said that the pakistan government may have many secrets which they feel should not be revealed to the world. That's why Amir Sarfaraz might have been murdered. The pakistan government and its agencies hatched a conspiracy and got my father murdered in the jail there. When Swapandeep Kaur was asked that your aunt also make a lot of efforts to bring back your father Sarabjit Singh, she also talked to the high command. But, no solution could be found.

To this, Swapandeep Kaur replied that a country that we call an enemy country does not believe in any human rights. What can you expect from such a country? A lot of efforts were made to bring Papa out of jail when he died, and even after that, efforts were made to raise the issue at the international level as to why he was murdered, even though he was inside a high-security jail. A common prisoner couldn't go to such a place without the connivance of the jail authorities.

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