Sharad Pawar clarified on Ajit Pawar's statement...

A statement of sharad pawar regarding the dispute between the real Pawar and the Pawar who came from outside in Baramati lok sabha constituency is well known at this time. By giving this statement, sharad pawar has indicated that Sunetra Pawar comes from outside the Pawar family. In this background, sharad pawar clarified his statement in a press conference in Satara on Monday.

What did sharad pawar say?

Sharad Pawar said that my statement was distorted. Whatever question was asked of me, I talked about it. ajit pawar commented you have chosen sharad pawar, you have chosen me, you have chosen your mother, now choose your daughter-in-law. I commented on his statement. My speech was limited only to that statement of Ajit Pawar. sharad pawar said I do not want to say anything different from this.

During this, sharad pawar mentioned the decisions taken in the interest of women during his political career. sharad pawar said I was the first chief minister who had decided on women's reservation in the state. I took special reservations for women in government service. When I was the Defense minister at the Centre, I also decided to recruit girls into the army. sharad pawar said that this shows the attitude of our people towards women.

Will the effect of the maratha reservation be seen in the lok sabha elections? In the press conference, sharad pawar refused to talk concretely about whether the issue of the maratha reservation will impact the lok sabha elections or not. He said, I had gone to Marathwada, and people there are angry. These people are interested in Manoj Jarange Patil. But it is not known how much this interest will translate into votes. I don't know Jarange-Patil very well. sharad pawar said I met him once at the beginning of the fast to understand his issues.

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