On raj Thackeray's support to PM Modi...

Keeping in mind the experience of the last few years in maharashtra, sharad pawar made a sarcastic comment and said that raj Thackeray's opinion keeps changing often. Shashikant Shinde, a candidate of the sharad pawar group from Satara, filed his nomination papers. On this occasion, there was a strong show of strength from the sharad pawar group. In the press conference held after this, sharad pawar commented on the political issues related to the lok sabha elections.

Sharad Pawar's statement on raj Thackeray

On this occasion, sharad pawar was asked a question on the issue of MNS chief raj Thackeray's unconditional support to prime minister Modi and the Grand Alliance. Responding to this, sharad pawar said that raj Thackeray has changed his mind. Sometimes they change their mind. Looking at the experience of the last few years, he openly expresses his views about his favorable situation. sharad pawar said that he will continue to present his stand.

We are contesting the lok sabha elections in maharashtra as a front. In the meeting of Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA), it was decided to face the lok sabha elections with a definite program and a definite objective. It was decided that everyone should make collective efforts for this. Good days are coming not only for the sharad pawar faction but also for all the progressive people in the state.

Sharad Pawar said that the common people are interested in the front formed by the opposition in Maharashtra. sharad pawar also said that Mahavikas Aghadi is still ready for alliance with Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi. sharad pawar said the role of working together in the state was first taken in Satara. Thousands of people participated in today's rally. people want change, and Satara has taken the first step today. People's reaction is on Shashikant Shinde, he is being accused of being confident of victory. Madha constituency is a drought-affected constituency.

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