Ashok Gehlot targeted PM Modi's statement...

There is a complete political atmosphere in the country regarding the lok sabha elections. The first phase of lok sabha voting is to be held on 19 April. Before that, politics had become heated regarding the interview given by prime minister Narendra Modi to news agency ANI. In this interview, PM Modi has also talked about electoral bonds. All the opposition leaders are cornering PM Modi and bjp regarding this. In this context, the reaction of former rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot has also come to the fore. He said that he (PM Modi) does not answer the allegations that we make. They are making excuses.

‘Collected money by creating fear of ED and CBI’

Former cm Ashok Gehlot further said that you (PM Modi) have forcefully collected money through electoral bonds, by threatening, intimidating, and creating fear of ED and CBI. Then when those ED and cbi cases were over. He is not responding. They have collected Rs 8.5 thousand crores and are now clarifying it. The need for clarification came because this became an issue in the country. These things have come to light after the order of the supreme Court.

What did PM Modi say on electoral bonds?

Let us tell you that during the interview given to ANI news agency, PM Modi accused the opposition parties of spreading lies in the name of electoral bonds. With this, he said that in the future, whenever we think honestly, everyone will regret it. He said that the purpose of electoral bonds was to eliminate black money at the time of elections. The opposition is running away only by making allegations.

PM Modi had said that there has been a discussion going on in the country for a long time that a dangerous game of black money is played in elections. Something should be done to get rid of black money. I had a sacred thought for this in my mind. While we were searching for a way, we found a way. First, we banned Rs 1000 and Rs 2000 notes. So that black money can be eliminated.

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