- The plan to pressure jagan failed
- Babu in tension & jagan in full relax mode
- Babu thought something.. but the reverse happened...!

The impossible alliance was made possible. In 2019, Perni, who was not wanted, was admitted back again after five years. Chandrababu felt that there is a great need for bjp to win the current elections and to oppose ycp which is a strong party. It is not that this party has a large vote bank in the state.. It is not that bjp has a significant number of workers here. Chandrababu made an alliance because this party is strong at the centre.

However.. the above saying on this alliance matter.. if the development projects in the state are to run.. an alliance with a strong party at the center is necessary. Chandrababu has been repeatedly saying that if the state needs funds, it needs unity with the centre. But, the main purpose is different. First the party should come to power. If this is to be a reality, there is a need to negotiate with the ruling bjp at the centre. This is what Chandrababu needs immediately and he needs to win the elections.

There are more than Crores of rupees given by the Center to Chandrababu. Chandrababu's strategy is to suffocate cm jagan at the time of elections.. ycp is the same as usual. At present, what is happening about former telangana chief minister and BRS leader KCR...? Is the Center putting him in a tight spot? Babu's plan is to put cm jagan in a tight spot in ap and make him unable to focus on the elections.

Chandrababu's idea is that this will not only help him but also the BJP. They raised hopes that the bjp will also grow by arresting Jagan. And that's why CBN went to delhi many times and held many discussions. But, as expected, they could not put pressure on Jagan. It seems that bjp could not convince the top leadership. With this, jagan has been freely moving in public for more than a month with a full schedule and also his yatra. Based on this.. if Chandrababu expected one thing, the another thing happened! 

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