BRS chairman K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) stated that the congress administration "might not survive for more than a year" in response to sircilla MLA KT Rama Rao's (KTR) frequent claims that telangana chief minister A revanth reddy will leave the congress for the bjp shortly.
The term of congress should be five years to distinguish between excellent and terrible. However, it appears that the congress government may not last longer than a year. Nobody can predict who will shortly join the BJP. He stated, "We don't know, even the chief minister might jump into the BJP. Voting for the bjp would be like throwing votes into the Manjeera river."

He said this in Singur, sangareddy district, during a BRS "Praja Aasheervada Sabha" speech in preparation for the next lok sabha elections. To "voice the aspirations of telangana," the BRS head emphasized the need to vote BRS leaders to the Parliament.
president minister revanth reddy was criticised by the BRS president for leading the state government on a number of fronts, including the distribution of welfare programs. He said that the leaders of the ruling party were "abusing" him when he questioned the Congress' election pledges.

"I never spoke like way in my ten years as chief minister. I did not torture or cause harm to anybody. We have already lost because we voted without thinking. It's crucial to give voting careful thought. The farmers we shielded are suffering right now. He stated, "There is no power supply for irrigation, no Rythu Bandhu, and no Rythu Bheema.
KCR also attacked the state administration for failing to acknowledge the 125-foot Dr. Ambedkar statue on april 14th, Ambedkar Jayanthi.

"We erected a 125-foot monument in front of the state secretariat to honour Ambedkar in our hearts. On Ambedkar Jayanthi, this administration didn't even pay it a visit. When I was building the statue, they did not come to pay their respects or leave flowers, he claimed.
When he was building the yadadri temple, he asked the state authorities whether they would close it down. He questioned, "Why are you sitting in the secretariat that I built?"


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