The 2019 assembly elections in andhra pradesh brought about significant shifts in the political landscape, prompting politicians to reassess their strategies and approach. Leaders who had previously been confident of victory found themselves facing unexpected defeats, while others experienced the bitter taste of loss after anticipating triumph. This introspection has led many politicians to rectify past mistakes and avoid repeating them in future elections.

Among those recalibrating their approach is the Paritala family, a prominent political dynasty in both telugu states. Following the legacy of Paritala Ravi, his wife Sunita ventured into politics and secured victory in three consecutive elections, eventually serving as a minister post-state bifurcation. However, the 2019 elections dealt an unforeseen blow to the family, as Paritala Sriram, Ravi's successor, contested and lost from the raptadu constituency, previously represented by his mother Sunithamma. Compounding their setback was the strong wave in favour of Jaganmohan Reddy.

In the wake of consecutive defeats, sympathy for Prakash Reddy, Sriram's opponent, grew among constituents. Determined to bounce back, the Paritala family is undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of their strategy in Raptadu. Recognizing that the perception of dynastic rule has alienated voters, Sunitha's brothers are relinquishing their influence, allowing her to take the reins of the party independently. Sriram, too, is focusing on both raptadu and dharmavaram constituencies, acknowledging the need for a multifaceted approach.

Furthermore, Sunitha is actively engaging with backward classes (BCs) in her constituency, seeking to sway them back to her side from the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress Party. The shock of the 2019 elections has spurred the family to adopt new tactics and revitalize their campaign efforts in both constituencies. Observers are keenly awaiting the outcome of these strategic adjustments, anticipating their impact on the Paritala family's political fortunes.

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