Secunderabad has emerged as a focal point in the upcoming parliamentary elections, drawing attention from all political parties. The historical significance of secunderabad is evident as previous MPs elected from this constituency have often been appointed as ministers at the Centre. Former mp Bandaru Dattatreya and current mp Kishan reddy both ascended to ministerial positions, adding to the prestige associated with this seat.

However, the BRS party faced setbacks in the recent assembly elections, limiting its representation to the opposition with 39 seats. Despite this, the party has maintained dominance in the seven constituencies within the secunderabad Parliament segment for the third consecutive time. Although successful in assembly elections, BRS has yet to secure victory in the mp seat within this segment.

Contrarily, the congress party, which showcased significant growth in the last assembly elections, failed to defeat BRS in any of the seven constituencies under the secunderabad Parliament segment. Eager to rectify this, the congress now aims to triumph in the upcoming parliamentary elections, following its defeat in the assembly segment.

The BJP's sitting mp Kishan reddy is once again contesting from secunderabad, adding further intensity to the electoral competition. With the BRS party seeking to rewrite historical records and the congress striving to capitalize on recent gains, the battle for the secunderabad mp seat has become a hotly debated topic. As parties maneuver to secure victory, the outcome of the upcoming elections remains uncertain, with political dynamics continuing to evolve.

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