The parliamentary elections in telangana have taken centre stage, with parties strategizing to secure a majority of seats. Amidst this fervour, the nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency has emerged as a focal point of discussion. In the 2014 elections, Kavitha, daughter of KCR, clinched victory in Nizamabad. However, in 2019, bjp candidate Dharmapuri Arvind succeeded in securing the seat, marking a significant shift in political dynamics.

As the 2024 parliamentary elections approach, speculation abounds regarding the potential victor in Nizamabad. KCR, aiming to unseat Dharmapuri Aravind, has fielded a formidable candidate in Bajireddy Govardhan. Notably, Govardhan previously defeated Dharmapuri Srinivas, Aravind's father, during his tenure in the congress party. The decision to nominate Govardhan underscores the party's determination to reclaim the constituency.

Having defeated Aravind's father in the past, Govardhan exudes confidence in his ability to secure victory once again. His candidacy symbolizes the BRS party's resolve to defeat the son, thereby mirroring the political rivalry between the two families. Meanwhile, congress is also vying for success in nizamabad, with jeevan reddy entering the fray as their candidate.

The upcoming elections in nizamabad promise to be fiercely contested, with each party vying for supremacy in the constituency. As candidates engage in intense campaigning, the outcome remains uncertain, with political allegiances and voter sentiments playing crucial roles in determining the eventual winner.

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