200 crore hawala money from abroad to tamil Nadu political party for election..! Income Tax Dept. who issued the cheque

Two people who tried to bring Hawala money were arrested in a raid conducted by the Income Tax Department after it was reported that they were trying to bring Hawala money of 200 crores from abroad for a major political party in tamil Nadu.

As the date of parliamentary elections approaches, political parties denounce a secret scheme to give money to voters. In that way, they are trying to bring money worth crores of rupees from abroad and from industrialists. To control such activities, the election commission has also intensified the vehicle inspection. The election flying force has seized over 400 crores of money like never before.

200 crore hawala money to a political party

In this situation, the Income Tax Department got information that there was a secret plan to bring 200 crore hawala money from abroad to the main political party in tamil Nadu to pay the voters and for election expenses. To prevent this, a serious test was conducted at the airport. Then on april 7th, two persons named Joseph and Vinod were arrested at the chennai International Airport. The Income Tax officials interrogated the arrested Vinod and Joseph. Then, it was discovered that these two men were involved in the hawala trade from dubai and Malaysia.

Entangled Sources

After this, the Income Tax Department confiscated cell phones, iPads, and laptops from those persons and searched them. He had planned to bring Rs 200 crore from dubai to chennai through hawala to a prominent political party in tamil Nadu. And they confirmed to bring 200 crore rupees through whatsapp records in the mobile phones of those persons. It has been reported that 200 crore hawala money has been blocked due to the intensive action of the Income Tax Department.

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