The anticipation surrounding the upcoming general elections is palpable across the nation, with political parties vying for victory. In the past two elections, the BJP's narendra modi emerged as the undisputed choice for prime minister among Indians, leading to a lack of viable opposition. However, as Modi aims for a hat-trick victory this time, the BJP's strategies seem to be falling short, signalling that the Modi wave may not be as prominent.

In Maharashtra's amaravati Lok Sabha constituency, bjp candidate Navneet Kaur, who previously contested as an independent mp before joining the bjp, is gearing up for the competition. Recognizing the need for a new approach, Kaur has outlined a grassroots strategy reminiscent of a Gram panchayat election. She emphasizes the importance of mobilizing voters early and ensuring their presence at the polling booths by noon, drawing from her experience of winning as an independent candidate.

However, Kaur acknowledges the challenges ahead, understanding that winning this time will require concerted effort. The nationalist congress party (NCP) has responded to her strategy, acknowledging its validity and indicating an understanding of the situation. Kaur's candid assessment of the electoral landscape and her proposed strategy underscore the intense competition and the need for innovative approaches in the upcoming elections.

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