Car fights; The boy who boarded the bus alone - the parents who screamed for missing the child

A 5-year-old boy who suddenly disappeared from a car in Dharmapuri was quickly rescued by the police and handed over to his parents.Ananda Babu (age 40) hails from Ganesapuram, Coimbatore. He is working as a professor in a private college in Coimbatore. Yesterday morning, he and his family had come by car to a relative's house wedding in Dharmapuri Pennagaram. While at Dharmapuri bus station, his son Prithivi, (5). They did not know who got out of the car. They searched for the missing son for a while. While seeking the help of the police department in this regard, the Dharmapuri police department acted quickly and examined the surveillance camera installed in the area. Then, they found that the boy had boarded a private bus bound for Salem. Then immediately from there to the salem SP office, the Dharmapuri police department informed about the boy. Accordingly, Omalur police rescued the boy from the bus which arrived at Omalur bus station at 1.15 pm and kept him safe at Omalur women's police station. The boy was then handed over to the Dharmapuri police who arrived there. The boy was later handed over to his parents following legal proceedings. The parents thanked the police for their swift action.

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