Campaign rest tomorrow evening! Violation 2 years imprisonment.. election commission issued restrictions

The election commission has announced that campaigning after 6 pm tomorrow will be punishable by two years in jail. It has also ordered that people from outside the city should leave after 6 pm tomorrow. Polling for the tamil Nadu lok sabha General election will be held on 19.04.2024 from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM. In this situation, the election commission has imposed restrictions on the candidates. According to it, the following provisions will be in force on 17.04.2024 from 6.00 PM till the end of polling under Section 126 of the Representation of the people Act, 1951. According to it,

What are the restrictions?

(1) No person shall coordinate, conduct, or participate in any public meeting or procession relating to an election.

(2) Any election matter, film, television, F.M. It should not be exposed to the general public through radio, WhatsApp, Facebook,  or similar devices. This includes all electronic forms of communication, including text messaging and the Internet.

(3) No person shall promote any election matter to the general public by conducting or arranging any musical performance any theatrical performance or any other entertainment or entertainment program to attract any person among the general public. Violation of this rule and the above two rules shall be punishable with imprisonment for 2 years or with fine or with both as per Section 126 (2) of the Representation of the people Act, 1951.

(4) All political party executives, party workers, etc. brought from outside the constituency and non-voters of the constituency shall leave the constituency not later than 6.00 pm on 17.04.2024.

(5) marriage Hall, Community Hall. Check if any outsiders are staying in hostels and guest houses.

(6) Vehicle permits, including star speakers, issued to candidates shall become inoperative with effect from 6.00 PM on 17.04.2024.

(7) Each candidate for a lok sabha election shall be allowed only one vehicle for his use throughout the lok sabha constituency on the day of polling.

(8) No candidate shall permit the candidate or his agent to hire purchase or use a vehicle for bringing voters to and from polling stations. This is an illegal act punishable under Section 133 of the Representation of the people Act, 1951.

(9) A temporary campaign office of candidates' political parties, manned only by two persons, may be set up outside a distance of 200 meters from the polling station. The election commission has announced that they should not allow unnecessary gatherings.

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