Bengaluru to become heat capital? No rain for 146 days!

Despite weather forecasts, Bengaluru's temperature has been rising for the past 146 days without rain. Summer heat is burning all over the country. Bengaluru, the capital of karnataka, is particularly affected by the sun. As the water problem is already rampant there, the absence of rain for the past 146 days has also raised fears that Bengaluru is turning into a heat capital.

Bengaluru city has been suffering without rain for the last 146 days despite the weather forecasts predicting rain for the past week. However, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain in the coming days. On 11th january last, there was light rain at Bengaluru international Airport and some other areas, but the Meteorological Department did not take it into account. Because there was no widespread rain and no rain near the central observatory of the india Meteorological Department in the center of the city.

According to the india Meteorological Department, the last time it rained in Bengaluru was on november 21, 2023. Regarding this, C.S. Patil, Scientist and director of Meteorological Office, Bengaluru Airport, india Meteorological Centre, said that the warming of the Pacific Ocean is causing less rainfall in India. The atmosphere is stable. It is only when it is unstable that clouds form. The atmosphere in karnataka will remain stable for the next 3 days. Due to the drought conditions of 2023, there is no moisture in the soil. Due to this, there is no rise in temperature and no rainfall, said CS Patil.

Whereas, recent studies indicate that the average temperature in Bengaluru has risen by almost one degree in the last 42 years. In particular, there has been a significant increase in the last 20 years. This leads to rapid evaporation of water from water bodies. Decreasing rainfall over the past three years, coupled with the problem of increasing groundwater and filling water reservoirs, is exacerbating the existing water scarcity. To prevent this, experts say that we should plan for water urbanization by making the city landscape porous.

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