DMK candidate Jagatrakshagan should be disqualified: Anbumani Ramadoss insists!

Arakkonam DMK candidate Jagatrakshagan should be disqualified by BMC leader Anbumani Ramadoss. Voting for the Parliamentary lok sabha elections is approaching. In the first phase, the polling will be held in tamil Nadu on the 19th. In the meantime, there have been sporadic complaints of money being distributed to voters.

In this situation, PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss has insisted that the DMK candidate in the Arakkonam lok sabha constituency, Jagatrakshakan, is spreading money and should be disqualified. In a statement released by him, he said: "Due to the fear of defeat in Arakonam lok sabha constituency, DMK candidate Jagatrakshakan is pouring money in flood. The election officials including district Collector and Electoral Officer Varamati did not take any action despite complaints with video evidence about money being given to voters in many places under the constituency. election officers becoming puppets of the ruling party and abetting fraud are condemnable.


A raid conducted based on a complaint lodged by the Patali Makkal party that money was being distributed in a private hostel in Ocheri village resulted in the seizure of Rs 20 lakh kept in 4 vehicles. But an assistant election officer named Bhubalan intervened and released the confiscated money and vehicle. Instead of those vehicles, they have prepared fake documents that they checked another vehicle and there is no money in it. This is a flagrant election violation.

34,000 rupees distributed to voters by DMK were seized in Enkaradi village and 1,08,000 rupees in Kattarambakkam village. But no further action was taken against them. In this regard, district Collector Varamathi asked B.M.K. Candidate Advocate Balu to complain several times but no action was taken.The election commission insists that elections should be conducted in a fair and free manner. But how can the election be conducted fairly if the district election Officer is aiding and abetting DMK's violations of election rules? This will only lead to the assassination of democracy. Arakkonam Constituency DMK candidate Jagatrakshakan who is handing out money to voters should be disqualified; I insist that the district Collector Varamati should be relieved from the post of election Officer.” It says so

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