Vishal: Who are you to decide when my film will be released? vishal is the actor who inspired the red Giants

Red Giant Movies is dominating tamil cinema and actor vishal has revealed the inner workings of the company. vishal is an action hero in the tamil film industry. He is currently in the making of the film Ratnam. Directed by Hari, the film stars priya bhavani shankar opposite Vishal. Also, samuthirakani and yogi babu have played the lead roles. music composed by Devi Sri Prasad, the film is slated to release in theaters worldwide on april 26. As the release of Ratnam is nearing, the promotional work for the film is going on in full swing. Actor vishal, who gave an interview to a YouTube channel for the promotion of Ratnam's film, has expressed his displeasure with red Giant Movies.

He said: “I feel bad for one person at red Giant. No one has the authority to postpone a film. No one can own a cinema. There is no history of anyone saying that tamil cinema is in my hands. My producer is the usurer. Just sit in the AC room, put on a phone and set the theater, release the film, no other film should come. No producer says that. Who gave you the authority to buy it on interest, shed money, all of us shed blood, take a picture and bring it back, if you ask us to postpone it?

I asked a person there if you have leased a tamil cinema. I am the one who joined the person in Udayanidhi. I couldn't stomach him doing such things himself. Because my producer had spent up to 65 crores on Mark Antony's film, he decided to release it on september 15 on Vinayagar Chaturthi a month and a half ago. You are the first person to ask my producer to release the film on this date. He has borrowed money and made the film, and he knows when he will release it. Is there any law that only you can release and only you can earn? Jaliya, you sit in the AC room and earn money, we will have fun. It was because of my opposition that the film was released on time and became a success. The film would not have been released if I had been idle. Now even Ratnam's film will face problem. They must come and hunt. "No one dares to say this," said actor vishal in the interview.

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