Do you know what is the achievement of the Dravida model government? kamal haasan campaigned for the DMK candidate in Pollachi!

Kamal Haasan has accused the central government of stopping the farmers who went to protest in delhi like intruders from China.Kamal Haasan, leader of the Makkal Neeti Maiyam Party, campaigned near the pollachi Central bus Station in support of DMK's Easwara Samy, who is contesting for the pollachi parliamentary seat. When he spoke then, “There are 4 crore coconut trees in tamil Nadu. There are 2 crore coconut trees in the pollachi region. For the welfare of these coconut farmers, the government established a welfare board, set up a farmer's market, and provided free transport of loads by bus. 7000 crore loan waived off by the artist government.

This is the Dravidian model of government. Please don't tease anyone as a Dravidian model. Free electricity for farmers, two lakh free electricity connection for farmers after taking charge as the chief minister of a separate budget for agriculture. During this ten-year bjp rule, nothing was done for the farmers. Instead, the farmers went to delhi and protested for minimum source prices. But they stopped the farmers from here with a bed of nails just as they would stop the invaders from China. So which government do you want? Decide for yourself" he said

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