April 19 polling day cinema shows canceled. Where? Do you know when? Full details

Cinema theater owners have also announced the cancellation of cinema screenings on the 19th. They have taken this decision for polling day.

 Cinema Shows Canceled in Theatres

The tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer released the election rules for april 19 polling day. The election commission has said that polling will be held from 7 am to 6 am for the lok sabha elections and by-elections. The election commission has released the rules to be followed as campaigning will end at 6 pm tomorrow.

Cinema Shows Cancelled

There should be no campaigning after 6 pm tomorrow. Also, the vehicle permit given to the candidates and star speakers ends tomorrow evening. There should be no propaganda in any form including media and social media after 6 pm tomorrow. Outsiders should leave by 6 pm tomorrow after the campaign ends.

Lok Sabha election 2024

Election-related public meetings, processions, or participation of candidates shall not be allowed. No lobbying should be done through music and entertainment programs and theatres. According to the Representation of the people Act, those who violate the polling day rules will be sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

No Morning Show in Theatres

So far in tamil Nadu Rs. 1284 crore worth of cash, gold, and other items have been confiscated. It has been reported that 1425 kg of gold seized in Poovindavalli has been returned. government institutions, schools, colleges, and private institutions have been given a holiday to ensure 100 percent voter registration, cinema theater owners have also announced that they will cancel the morning and afternoon shows on the 19th.

Tamil Nadu Theatres

Also evening and night shows will be as usual. The decision was taken to encourage people to vote in the elections, the theater owners' association said, adding that morning and afternoon shows would be canceled while evening and night shows would continue as usual.

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