For the past few years, there has been a war of words between the ycp, TDP, and Janasena. This time as part of the alliance, Babu and pawan kalyan are campaigning together and are taking it very strongly to the people with the plan to defeat the ycp party. A few days ago, cm jagan was pelted with a stone by an unknown person, and many leaders of the alliance said that the YSP had done what it wanted. He talked to Simpati saying that he can ask for votes.

CM jagan spoke about pawan kalyan yesterday as many leaders were also trolling him with various videos.. It seems that pawan kalyan also got fired with Jagan's behavior on this matter. And when it comes to Jagan's words yesterday.. Adopted son and adopted son gave sacred promises before marriage.. gave birth to children.. when you get married, you leave your wives like you change cars once in four years and once in five years.

That is why bp is looking good in Dattaputruni lately. Aya Dattaputra, if you do it once, it is a mistake. If you do it again and again, it is called a habit, Dattaputra said. jagan said that he is asking whether looking down on the lives of women is a grave mistake. On this, pawan kalyan said that he is talking like this because he is afraid of losing.

Pawan kalyan is firing on Jagan. pawan kalyan said that the reason for your anger is that you will lose.. After knowing that our government will come.. I sincerely wish that every rowdy ex-MLA of ycp will be punished. Besides, Pawan challenged cm jagan to show fear.

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