As the elections in andhra pradesh state are approaching, sensational news is emerging day by day. However, the verdict was finally released regarding the case of beheading of Dalit youths which created such a sensation at that time. Current ycp MLC and mandapeta ycp mla candidate thota trimurtulu has been sentenced to imprisonment by Visakhapatnam sc st Special Court. 

The judge sentenced ycp MLC to 18 months imprisonment in this case. Also sentenced to six months imprisonment under another section. The atrocity court imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 along with imprisonment. The court found all 10 people guilty in this case. One of these ten people died. MLC thota Triumtuli was present in the court during the verdict. Meanwhile, the triumvirate got a huge relief in terms of competition in the elections. Legal experts say that because the punishment was less than two years, the barriers to competition have been removed. On the other hand, the trio has applied for bail in this case along with a personal surety.

In december 1996, five Dalit youths were tortured and two were beheaded in Venkatayapalem, ramachandrapuram mandal. Cases were registered on this incident at that time. police have identified ten people as accused in Shiromundanam incident. The then mla and present ycp MLC thota trimurtulu are the prime accused.

At present thota trimurtulu is in the fray as the ycp mla candidate for Mandapet constituency. In this case, the garden triumvirate also went to jail. The case has been adjourned a total of 146 times till 2019. The victims and Dalit communities who have been waiting for justice for almost 28 years have got a result with the verdict given by the visakha SC and st Special Court. The victims are expressing happiness with the court's verdict. thota is expected to take up the ministerial post after winning this time and ycp comes to power even though he is far away from many positions due to the case.

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