DMK won't get 1000 rupees right amount.

If the DMK is defeated in the lok sabha elections, all the heads of the families will get Rs. 1,000 entitlement amount will be available, said BJP's Vanathi Srinivasan.

Women's Entitlement Amount

Parliamentary elections will be held in tamil Nadu the day after tomorrow. bjp is trying hard to win this election. prime minister Modi has visited tamil Nadu 8 times for campaigning. In this situation, as the campaign is about to end this evening, Vanathi Srinivasan, the leader of the bjp National Women's Team and member of the legislature, has issued a statement. During the last 2021 assembly elections, all the heads of families in tamil Nadu were given monthly Rs. 1,000 entitlement amount promised by the DMK. But two years after coming to power, he claimed that entitlements would be given only to eligible heads of households, and over 2 crore heads of households were given Rs. 1,000 claim amount denied.

It will not be available if DMK wins

If the DMK wins this lok sabha election, two crore people will never get their right amount. On the other hand, if DMK is defeated in this lok sabha election, all the heads of households will get Rs. 1,000 entitlement amount available. So tamilnadu voters especially women should vote for the bjp alliance and make DMK fail miserably. Vanathi Srinivasan has said that only then everyone will get the entitlement amount of Rs.1,000

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