BJP plans to pull the AIADMK ticket.

As the AIADMK-BJP face-off in the parliamentary elections, to woo AIADMK's votes, bjp Central madras candidate Vinoj Selvam visited jayalalithaa and MGR's memorial and received blessings.

 BJP candidate at jayalalitha Memorial

The parliamentary election campaign has reached its final stage. As the election is going to be held the next day tomorrow, the campaign will end at 6 pm today. Following this, the candidates of parties including DMK, ADMK, bjp, and Namthamil have been actively campaigning in the scorching sun since this morning. The election commission has ordered that voters should not participate in the election campaign after 6 pm as the final phase of campaigning is underway. In this situation, Vinoj Selvam, the candidate contesting on behalf of bjp in Central chennai, this morning suddenly went to the memorial of AIADMK founders mgr and jayalalithaa located on Kamarajar Road, Chennai.


He took a procession along with the bjp officials and visited jayalalitha and mgr Samadhi to pay floral tributes. Following this, Vinoj Selvam told reporters that he was blessed to win the parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, in tamil Nadu, bjp continued its alliance with AIADMK for more than 5 years. It was only 6 months ago that the alliance split. Annamala's criticism of jayalalithaa and scholar Anna led to a break in the relationship.

AIADMK's plan to lure Ota

In this situation, it is said that bjp candidate Vinod Selvam went to the memorial of late AIADMK leaders in order to attract the votes of AIADMK in the parliamentary elections. While the AIADMK protested against this, they said that the bjp candidate went to the memorial of the AIADMK leaders because they could not get votes from the bjp leaders. They also said that people will not believe JBP's play

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