Selling goods in the black market! Dindigul Bamaka candidate who made the rounds! The DMK councilor ran away!

When the nda candidate Thilak Bama was campaigning, the BAMA candidate jailed Gudon who was selling liquor on the Dindigul by-pass and sat on the ground. As polling is going to be held in tamil Nadu the day after the parliamentary elections, government liquor shops have been declared closed for three days from today. In this case, nda candidate Thilak Bama was shocked to see liquor being sold in a godown on Kottapatti Road on the Dindigul Bypass during the final campaign today.

They immediately got down from the campaign vehicle entered the godown arrested the sellers who were selling fake liquor sat on the ground and protested. He also complained to the district Superintendent of police over the phone. In Dindigul, although the government liquor store is a holiday, the sale of fake liquor is going on rampantly, he insisted that action should be taken. Dindigul taluk police immediately arrived at the spot and sealed the godown where the liquor was being sold arrested the seller Sesu and took him away. Following this, Thilakabama, who interviewed the reporters, questioned whether the police knew that alcohol was being sold here at a bar even though they were not allowed to sell it today. I called SP with video evidence that a money exchange was taking place behind me. Periyasamy's house. He said he would send a squirt. He alleged that no action has been taken till now. He went on to say that Stalin's government was using the police to its advantage. Is it the police? No, is it the auction department? He questioned. Thilakabama said that wherever the sale is taking place, the shop should be closed and the candidates who give money should be disqualified.

Thilakabama, who was continuously engaged in election campaign, chased away a DMK councilor who was involved in money laundering, which created a stir. In Dindigul, 16th Ward DMK Councilor Shekhar was selling money on GTN Road when the BMC candidate Thilak Bama, who was campaigning on that road, caught the people red-handed and handed them over to the police. It is noteworthy that earlier in the Dindigul area, there was an allegation that the Communist party was paying Rs 300 to the voters and AIADMK was giving Rs 500 to the voters.

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