It is known in political circles that ap cm YS jagan will implement smart strategies to win the elections. It seems that jagan is going ahead with his trademark strategies to destroy the alliance of TDP, bjp and Jana Sena. As part of the election campaign, jagan is treading carefully, saying that wherever he goes, he will vote only if good things happen due to his rule. During Jagan's rule, most of the poor and middle class people got the schemes.
While women, the poor and the needy are in favor of jagan, jagan is planning to have that vote bank only for YCP. Babu promises to increase the wages of volunteers and increase pensions for the elderly and disabled, but jagan is staying away from such promises. According to ap budget calculations, jagan knows very well how much it will cost if he gives any guarantee. jagan feels that the volunteers have resigned from their jobs in favor of ycp, so there is no loss whether the wages are increased or not.
Babu's promise of increase in pensions to the elderly and disabled will benefit but there is fear that other schemes will be stopped if the alliance comes to power. With the jagan government taking steps towards sanctioning roads in many constituencies of ap before the election code came into force, many ycp leaders are promising that the development will happen at a fast pace if they are elected as MLAs. Many of the ycp leaders are campaigning from house to house knowing the problems of the voters and solving some problems on the spot.
It seems that criticizing Pawan's marriages as part of Jagan's campaign is also part of the strategy. It seems that they are planning to take a blow to Pawan's self-esteem by criticizing Pawan, who has never faced severe criticism in the film industry. At the same time, jagan is not paying attention to Pawan's criticism. Asking whether there is a single scheme that comes to mind if Chandrababu's name is mentioned, jagan says without saying that the people did not do well during the 14-year rule of Babu.
Jagan is making sure that the majority of the surveys are in favor of ycp and Aharnish is working hard to make the results of those surveys true. jagan is succeeding in inspiring activists and leaders by repeatedly saying that ycp is a success no matter how many assurances the alliance has given or how many criticisms it has made. jagan is trying his best for the victory of ycp in the elections by assuring that he will do justice to the leaders who did not get seats due to various reasons. It has to be seen whether jagan, who hopes to repeat the magic of 2019 in this election, will repeat that magic.

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