Rajani, a prominent figure in andhra pradesh politics, holds the position of mla in the ycp party and serves as the minister of Health, Family Welfare, and Medical Education. Having previously won from the Chilakaluripet constituency, she now seeks re-election from guntur West in the upcoming assembly elections. Her candidacy has been confirmed well in advance, allowing her to conduct extensive groundwork and launch campaigns, bolstering her support base.

In contrast, Madhavi, the tdp candidate, enters the race with a delayed confirmation of her candidacy and a slower start to her campaign efforts. This late start may potentially put her at a disadvantage compared to Rajani. Additionally, Rajani's current ministerial position and the prospect of another significant role, if re-elected, could sway voters in her favour.

The presence of two women candidates adds intrigue to the contest, but Rajani's early groundwork and established position within the ycp provide her with a perceived advantage. While Madhavi's candidacy brings diversity to the electoral race, her late entry and comparatively weaker campaign start may hinder her chances of success.

As the election approaches, the dynamics of the race in guntur West will become clearer. However, Rajani's proactive approach and existing political stature suggest that she holds a stronger position in the competition.

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